Kitchen Remodeling in El Cajon

The community of El Cajon is one of the most beautiful cities in San Diego. The name ‘El Cajon’ simply means ‘The Box’. This seems apt as the city is surrounded by hills on all four sides. Apart from natural beauty, the city also has a unique cultural identity.  Done Right Remodeling & Design San Diego is a reliable kitchen remodeling contractor in El Cajon and we have been helping people like you to renovate their kitchens in a truly stunning way. Our team is made up of some of the most qualified and skilled technicians who would help you bring your dreams to life.

Thanks to the expertise of our people and the access to the right set of technology, our kitchen remodelers in El Cajon are capable of handling any project. We would help you with different tasks such woodwork and electrical installation, replacing of tiles, countertops, installing islands, café chairs etc. as well as general construction work.

Bathroom Remodeling in El Cajon

When you are looking to renovate your small bathroom, or when are looking to give it a truly luxurious feel to it, you need to plan and execute the project well. Done Right Remodeling & Design San Diego is a bathroom remodeling contractor in El Cajon and we offer specialized solutions for renovating bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. We have been remodeling bathrooms for more than a decade and that’s why we are capable to offer tailormade solutions to meet your specific needs and make your dream bathroom a reality

As professional bathroom remodelers in El Cajon, our focus is on enhancing the aesthetics as well as the functionality of the kitchen. Our team would help you with tiling, painting, lighting as well as with particular tasks like building a shower enclosure, setting up vanities or installing a bathtub.

ADU Construction in El Cajon

Done Right Remodeling & Design San Diego also offers solutions for ADU Construction in El Cajon. Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs are great addition to your property. They come complete with all the amenities that gives you a better living experience making it perfect in-law space or even if you are looking to get some extra income by renting it. No matter what your intentions might be, our team of experts would help you build your ADU your way. Contact us today to know more about how an ADU can enhance the value of your property and help you get more from your property.

We are an experienced ADU Contractor in El Cajon and we help you with everything. Right from getting the permits and working on the design, to enhancing the look and feel of your interiors.

Garage Conversion in El Cajon

If you are looking for garage conversion in El Cajon, then Done Right Remodeling & Design San Diego would help you out. They will help you turn your garage into a useful and fun space as a game room, entertainment center, or a kid’s play area. If you are looking to build a place to work, then we can help you transform it into a workspace or something else that you want. Nothing is difficult. When you hire us, we ensure that the work gets done right in the first time.

These are some of the solutions you get from our home remodeling company in El Cajon. Call us and know more about our services.


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