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Custom ADU-garage conversion services for carving out new living space, within an existing property.


Accessory Dwelling Units, Granny Flats or ADUs are a great way to carve out additional living space in a property, without having to buy a new one. They are generally attached or detached to the main building, and they come with all the amenities like a complete kitchenette, bath, bedroom, study and a living room. This makes it perfect to be used as a ‘mother-in-law’ accommodation, if it is a detached unit. If your in-laws or elderly grandparents are moving into your house for some days, and you want a space that gives them adequate privacy, then you should go for an ADU construction from an expert company.

An ADU is also a great idea, if you’re thinking of earning some rental income. Since it is completely detached from your main house or building, it would be easier to rent it out. Else, you can convert it into your own home-office space, in an average size of 500-850 sq. ft. At Done Right Remodeling & Design, we offer solutions for complete ADU-garage conversion in San Diego to all local city residences. Whether you are looking to use it as your ‘in-law’ space, or want to rent it out, we can help you build that perfect ADU via a garage conversion. It is by following all the construction guidelines and obtaining the necessary government permits

One of the biggest challenges for ADU construction is getting the local permits from issuing authorities. We are completely aware of all the local building laws, and have all the necessary certifications and permits for such extensive construction activities. We always use commercial-grade materials that bring about a difference in quality. When you’ve chosen us as your local general contractor in San Diego, rest assured of our workmanship, which is of true international standards.

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